Wednesday, 26 June 2019 14:52

UNHCR commends The People's Republic of China for their contribution of USD 2 million in support of Palestinian refugees

Baghdad-IRAQ, 26 June 2019 - The People's Republic of China made a generous contribution to UNHCR of USD 2 million over the past two years which provided protection and assistance for Palestinian refugees in Iraq.

Over 7,500 Palestinian refugees have benefitted from this contribution in health care, education, and through the rehabilitation of a community centre (Haifa Community Centre) in Baghdad.

The community centre for Palestinian refugees and the host community in Baghdad play a major role in helping to foster peaceful co-existence. The newly improved community hall, nursery, sports facilities and equipment helped in providing a friendly space for community members to have sports activities, family gatherings and a space for social cohesion and interaction among the members of both communities.

Lina is a 26 year old Palestinian student who lives in this community, she benefitted from Tertiary education under this project. Over a year ago, Lina was about to drop out of university due to extreme financial constraints, hindering her from continuing her university degree. However, through receiving a scholarship under the education element of the project she was able to pursue her passion for arts in the Fine Arts department at the University of Baghdad.

UNHCR continues to support Palestinian refugees’ basic needs through the provision of essential items and projects that promote social cohesion, self-resilience, and access to education.

Sharing the burden has been a key theme for UNHCR in the relationship with its donor, this is exemplified in the support by The People’s Republic of China. Such important contributions allow UNHCR to continue to extend assistance to the refugees in Iraq.


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