UNAMI Human Rights Office supports art exhibition for minority communities

Baghdad, Iraq, 01 – 02 July 2019 - UNAMI Human Rights Office (HRO) in Baghdad hosted an exhibition displaying artworks created by representatives of minority communities throughout Iraq.

The exhibition displayed works by 34 artists (including 3 women) from the minority communities of Shabak, Bahai, Christian (Chaldean, Armenian, Assyrian and Syriac), Yazidi, Kaka’i and Faili Kurds. During the exhibition many of the artists, including sculptors, painters and photographers, took the opportunity to showcase their work and to explain how the art reflects the strength, resilience and vibrancy of their respective communities.
The thought-provoking exhibits reflected the strong contribution that minority groups make to Iraqi society through their varied cultures, traditions and beliefs.
The exhibition was organized as part of UNAMI HRO’s ongoing efforts to promote understanding of the cultures of minority communities and to support those communities to overcome the constraints of discrimination and stigmatization.


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