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Sulaymaniya’s youth voice their opinions, aspirations and concerns at “Iraqi Youth: Pioneers for Dialogue and Stability” workshop

Sulaymaniya, 25 August 2019 – The latest in a series of United Nations-sponsored workshops bringing together young Iraqis took place in Sulaymaniya in the Kurdistan Region this week, providing local youth activists with a platform to voice their aspirations for the future and discuss how they can contribute to tackling the challenges facing their communities.

The workshop in Sulaymaniya, under the theme “Iraqi Youth: Pioneers for Dialogue and Stability”, is the seventh such event taking place across Iraq throughout in 2019. The activities are organised by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), in cooperation with the Committee for Coexistence and Societal Peace in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Iraqi Al-Amal Association. In Sulaymaniyah, the group of 13 young women and 9 young men deliberated over the key challenges facing their generation, including youth unemployment, the environment, access to local decision-making and the proliferation of weapons and drugs on the street.

The workshop concluded with an interactive session with senior local officials, including Sulaimaniya Governor Haval Abubakir, the Chairman and members of the Sulaymaniya Provincial Council and Members of the Kurdistan Regional Government, all of whom engaged in vigorous debate with the workshop participants.

The Deputy Special Representative for Iraq of the United Nations Secretary-General, Alice Walpole, who chaired this interactive session, welcomed the participation of the youth and encouraged them to tell their stories, voice their concerns and work together with the local officials and the community to find creative solutions.

“Empowering young people, supporting them, and ensuring they can fulfil their potential is important in every society. But, beyond this, if we are to create a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous Iraq, we need young Iraqis to lead,” she said.

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